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No more spreadsheets, no endless emails chasing fleet owners and subbies for their documents. The Transcheck app/dashboard does it all for you – and more…

Instantly know which subcontractor vehicles and drivers are ‘approved’ and work-ready

With Transcheck you know drivers licenses have been verified as current

Transcheck app for drivers
Transcheck driver app

With Transcheck you know vehicles are registered, insured, and maintained

With Transcheck you know the status of MSIC clearance, Mass Management Accreditation, and other permits

Transcheck app for drivers

Drivers download the app – when approved, connect with clients

Drivers download the Transcheck app for free, set up their account, fill in the required information, and upload photos of documents. Transcheck verifies and monitors compliance and currency to give ‘approved’ status. When approved, transport operators can invite them to connect.

Transport operators check status on the easy-to-read dashboard

Transport operators can easily log in and see how many fleet operators are being used; which drivers and vehicles are ‘approved’; and work-ready information such as MSIC clearance, industry inductions, and mass management.

Transcheck management portal

What people say about Transcheck

Transcheck is a game-changer as a standalone subcontractor compliance management solution

Grant WalmsleyGeneral Manager, CMS Transport Systems

Transcheck revolutionised our ability to manage subcontractor fleet compliance

Adam ArkinstallManaging Director, Butler Freight Services

Transcheck is what transport companies need for seamless subcontractor compliance

Sue BottrellLawyer, RABQSA Lead Auditor, Certified Chartered OHS Professional

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